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Beneficial Insect Habitat

What's a beneficial insect? It's an insect that performs valued services, such as pollinating crops or providing pest control. The beneficial insect habitat borders surrounding the vegetable garden include a variety of plants that provide food and shelter for beneficial insects.  This is an important element of least toxic pest control, and the predatory insects help to control pest outbreaks on our vegetable plants. Honey bees and native bees are also important beneficial insects that help pollinate vegetable crops so fruits can form.

Flowers from sages, buckwheats (Eriogonum sp.), and members of the carrot and daisy families are nectar and pollen-rich food sources that attract beneficial insects. Deergrass is a California native bunchgrass that provides winter shelter for ladybird beetles. Look for special insect houses designed to provide nesting habitat for native bees.

Interpretive Exhibit

Restore balance with the natural pest control cycle

Learn how to encourage natural enemies of insect pests, so they can help prevent pest outbreaks. Broad-spectrum pesticides kill beneficial insects too, destroying the natural balance of insects in your garden.

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